April 25, 2017

The US has put sanctions on 271 Syrian officials over their involvement in the April 4th gas attack on a village in the countryside of Idlib that killed more than 100 people, including children. 
US Treasury Department sanctioned employees of Syria's Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC), an agency that Washington accuses of developing chemical weapons for the Assad regime.
Some of the people blacklisted had worked on Syria's chemical weapons programme for more than five years, the Treasury Department's statement read.  
According to the sanctions, US banks will freeze the assets of any employees named, and ban American companies from conducting business with them.
On April 14th, Canadian Foreign Minister Christie Freeland announced in a statement her country had decided to freeze funds of 27 senior Syrian officials and ban them from trading as part of sanctions on Syria's Assad regime.
Freeland said the move came as part of coordination with the international community to support the Syrian people to end their civil war.
The names of 27 Syrian regime officials have been added to a 190-official list that had been sanctioned earlier, the statement added.
About 34 headquarters belonging to religious political parties and pro-Iran militias have opened in Mosul and its districts, Mohammed Shawani, a leading figure within the Kurdish Democratic Party, said Monday.
He also accused those militias of committing atrocities sectarian crimes in the liberated parts of the city.
Pro-Iran parties and militias are tirelessly seeking to create demographic changes in Mosul amid silence of independent media outlets towards this crime.
These militias are exerting much pressure on the Sunni and Christian residents to leave their homes.
Hezbollah terror militia on Monday released civilians it kidnapped in south of Amerya neighborhood, Fallujah.
The 26 detainees were released hours after being kidnapped and tortured by the terror militia, informed sources told the Baghdad Post.
The terror militia released the kidnapees in return for ransom.
According to the sources, signs of torture appear clearly across the bodies of those civilians.
This militia, along with other groups working under the auspices of IMIS terrorists, is deployed to some parts of Fallujah's Amerya and the southern and western parts of Baghdad due to the absence of the government's control there.

Iraqi F16  jets destroyed several ISIS premises in Tel Afar district in Nineveh governorate, Military Media Cell announced on Monday.
Dozens of ISIS terrorists were killed in the strikes and huge amount of arms were destroyed, the cell added.

The operations are part of a massive offensive launched by Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi on February 19 to take control of the western side of the embattled city of Mosul which has been under the control of ISIS since June 2014.
US President Donald Trump delivered a speech on Sunday to the World Jewish Congress, telling delegates gathered for the organization’s plenary assembly in New York that anti-Semitism and prejudice should be fought wherever it is found and that threats by a “regime that talks openly of Israel’s destruction” should never be ignored, the Times of Israel reported on Monday.
In his speech, delivered via video link, Trump marked Yom Hashoah, Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, calling the Holocaust “the darkest chapter of human history” where six million Jews were “murdered by an evil that words cannot describe, and that the human heart cannot bear.”

 “In the memory of those who were lost, we renew our commitment and our determination not to disregard the warnings of our own times,” he said, adding: “We must stamp out prejudice and anti-Semitism everywhere it is found.
“In the memory of those who were lost, we renew our commitment and our determination not to disregard the warnings of our own times,” he said, adding: “We must stamp out prejudice and anti-Semitism everywhere it is found.
Iran has long backed armed groups committed to Israel’s destruction and its leaders have called for it to be wiped off the map.
Israel, under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has long-held that Iran and its nuclear program poses a threat to its
A Labour government would bring in new laws to protect the rights of workers and EU nationals under Brexit - and give Parliament a possible veto on any deal with Brussels.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer will seek to heal the party’s wounds over the issue with a general election pledge to “reject a reckless Tory Brexit”.

With Labour constituencies split between areas that voted Leave and Remain in last year’s EU referendum, Starmer will argue that he would get a better deal than Theresa May by working with Europe and Parliament rather than against them.

In a speech in central London, he will pledge a Corbyn government would:

- “immediately” guarantee the rights of the three million EU nationals living in the UK

- replace the Tory ‘Great Repeal Bill’ with a new EU Rights and Protections Bill

- give Parliament a “meaningful vote” on any deal with Brussels

- retain the ‘benefits’ of the European single market and customs union
Theresa May kick-started formal Brexit talks by triggering the Article 50 process of quitting the EU last month.
The UK has two years to complete the talks before Brexit in 2019, but some analysts believe the deadline can be shifted if the UK and EU agree.
Starmer will stress a new tone will be taken with the remaining 27 EU nations to avoid a “cliff-edge” Brexit or a “no deal” plan that turns the UK into a low tax, low regulation offshore economy.
A Labour government would build a close relationship with the EU “not as members but as partners”.
“We will approach negotiations in a completely different way to a Tory Brexit: negotiating for the many, not the few,” he will say.
“Where Theresa May wants to shut down scrutiny and challenge, Labour will welcome it. We will work with Parliament, not against it.
“Because on an issue of this importance the Government can’t hide from the public or Parliament. A Labour approach to Brexit means legislating to guarantee that Parliament has a truly meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal.”
However, in the absence of the ability to walk away with no deal, Tory critics may see the idea as giving Parliament an effective veto on any Brexit deal, with the possibility that the EU referendum result could be indefinitely postponed
Labour insiders told HuffPost UK that the economy would be ‘the priority’ and that whether that meant ‘reformed’ single market membership or a bespoke trading arrangement was secondary to the outcome protecting jobs.
Starmer will say that on “day one” of a Labour government, it would immediately guarantee that all EU nationals currently living in the UK will see no change in their legal status as a result of Brexit, - and seek reciprocal rights for the 1.2m UK citizens living in the EU.
“EU nationals do not just contribute to our society: they are our society. And they should not be used as bargaining chips.
“There could be no clearer signal that Britain is taking a new approach to Brexit than a Labour Government immediately rectifying this injustice. And there could no clearer signal that Labour want a close and collaborative future relationship with our EU partners.”
They would have once been pop rivals, but musicians Pixie Lott and Kimberley Walsh were competing in the fashion department on Monday.
Pinked-haired Pixie Lott, 26, and former Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh, 35, clashed in their red carpet taste, as they joined stars at the Good Morning Britain Health Star Awards in London.
Pixie favoured fifty shades of brights for the Rosewood Hotel event, while Kimberley went for bold prints to show off her enviable post-baby curves.

Clashing prints: Pixie Lott (left) and Kimberly Walsh (right) were just two of the stars turning out for Monday morning's Good Morning Britain Health Awards held at the Rosewood Hotel


Be a cut above in Kimberley's cold shoulder jumpsuit

When it comes to deciding what to wear, daytime red carpet events can be a tricky. But Kimberley Garner got it spot on when she attended Good Morning Britain's first ever Health Star Awards in London today!
A jumpsuit is always a good alternative to a dress, and we love the bold leaf print on her all-in-one. But of course in this case it's all about those cold shoulder cut outs! It's by Y.A.S, a brand that has been worn by everyone from Perrie Edwards to Samantha Cameron, so Kimberley is in good company.
It's available at Asos so click (right) to hop aboard the jumpsuit bandwagon, then wear yours on holiday with flat sandals for a day of sightseeing, with trainers and a denim jacket for a summer barbeque, or with your best heels to paint the town red.
Alternatively, copy Kimberley with the help of our edit below. Topshop's take on the trend will do the trick, or give them the cold shoulder in this Whistles jumpsuit.


At least 18 soldiers of Iraqi Joint Forces were killed while others were injured in an ambush set by ISIS terrorists in al-Rutbah district in western Ramadi, well-informed source told the Baghdad Post on Monday.

Two officers were among the victims. The attack left several military vehicles destroyed, the source added.

Iraq is witnessing a state of instability and insecurity since 2003 in which a lot of militias had been formed. These militias are following foreign agendas and politics that aim to destroy the country
Iran's theological regime has been working to empower its Shiite turbaned clerics since the 1979 uprising.

The turbaned Mullahs ousted the Shah under the pretense of bringing back devoured wealth to the people, claiming that he siphoned off their money.

But tallies revealed thereafter showed that those clerics have been hoarding up billions of dollars, leaving the people a prey to destitution.

According to reports, millions of Iranians are living in poverty. Many people on the streets of Iran are begging for food.

Furthermore, others turn for trash to fill their bellies.

Amassing money

The Iranian clerics are manipulating the resources of their country for their own interest, experts say. They are adopting what seems to be ' a crony capitalism.

A Forbes report, published in 2003, said the mullahs seized virtually everything of value after the 1979 uprising took place including banks, hotels, car and chemical companies, makers of drugs and consumer goods.

Many of these assets were given to Islamic charitable foundations, controlled by the clerics. According to businessmen and former foundation executives, the charities now serve as slush funds for the mullahs and their supporters, it added.

The 1979 uprising transformed the Rafsanjani clan into commercial pashas. One brother headed the country’s largest copper mine; another took control of the state-owned TV network, the report notes.

Those Mullahs are possessing billions of dollars. They control religious establishments tasked with amassing money from the people. Then they hoard up these funds for themselves.

A lengthy report posted on Iran Primer said that Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroud, a turbaned Mullah, who once a member of the Guardian Council and then the judiciary chief for 10 years, benefits from government advantages in his international business and is considered to be among the wealthiest clerics.

Those clerics are arm-twisting religious texts for the sake of getting more and more money from the people.
According to Shiite Muslim tradition, devout businessmen are expected to donate 20% of profits to their local mosques.

But these funds do not go to the poor, according to insiders. They rather go to Mullahs for funding terror activities or increasing their illegal wealth.

“Many small businessmen complain that as soon as they start to make some money, the leading mullah will come to you and ask for a contribution to his local charity,” an economist once told Forbes on condition of anonymity.

Poor people

Tallies show that the Iranian people are living in dreadful conditions due to the acts committed by the clerics.

An Iranian government official, who asked not to be named, said that 45 million Iranians, out of the current population amounting to 80 million, are living in very bad conditions due to the high rates of inflation, soaring prices and unemployment.

Scholarly studies on the situation inside Iran warned of an imminent 'explosion' driven by the 'unbearable poverty' in which the people are enmired.

Yahya Al Ishaq, President of Iran's Joint Chamber of Commerce announced that said that Iran's current per capita income saw about 30 percent drop from the rates posted in 1976.

The well-being of the Iranian people is facing a daunting challenge not witnessed in four decades, he added.

More than 60 percent of Iranian citizens cannot balance their income and expenditures, Al Ishaq reiterated, adding eight million youths in Iran are unemployed.

Therefore, analysts say that the sense of depravation that is sweeping across wide spectrum of the Iranian society will turn things upside down against the regime.

They argue that the people will no longer turn a blind eye to the practices of the corrupt theological regime and will move to claw back their rights.

April 24, 2017

  • April 24, 2017
mullahs' antihuman regime hanged a young 21 year old man in public. It also sent eight prisoners to the gallows collectively in Gohardasht prison of Karaj. One of the executed was Mohsen Babai, 29 and a B.A. in accounting. He was married and was popular among other prisoners for his personality and humane behavior. A number of those executed had been previously taken to solitary cells and taken to the gallows several times. A number of political prisoners have gone on hunger strike to protest such brutal executions.
On April 20, another prisoner was hanged in Boroujerd prison after eight years in prison. Execution of three prisoners in Shiraz and Tabriz prisons on April 18, and execution of another inmate on April 16 in central prison of Bandar-Abbas are among other crimes of the regeime during recent days.

Recourse to the death penalty, especially mass executions, is taking place on the eve of elections in order to intensify the atmosphere of intimidation.
Iranian Resistance calls on the Iranian people, particularly the brave youth to protest against this medieval punishment and to express their solidarity with the families of the executed.
Any engagement of the international community with the mullahs' regime has to be conditioned upon improvement of human rights situation, especially stoppage of executions.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 22, 2017

French centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen have qualified for the second round in the French presidential election with 23.7 percent and 21.7 percent of the vote respectively. Follow our live coverage below.
    Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen have qualified for the second round of the French presidential election, according to early results.
    French President François Hollande has called Macron to congratulate him.
    Conservative leader François Fillon conceded defeat and called on supporters to vote Macron.
    Socialist Party candidate Benoît Hamon, who got just 6.2% of the vote, said he took full responsibility for the election drubbing.

Près de 47 millions de Français étaient appelés aux urnes, dimanche, pour le premier tour de l'élection présidentielle où onze candidats étaient en lice. Selon les premières estimations, Emmanuel Macron et Marine Le Pen s'affronteront au second tour.
  • D'après les estimations de notre partenaire Ipsos, Emmanuel Macron (23,7 %) et Marine Le Pen (21,9 %) s'affronteront au second tour de la présidentielle. Ils sont suivis de François Fillon, crédité de 19,7 % et Jean-Luc Mélenchon, crédité de 19,2 % des voix selon ces mêmes estimations.
  • François Fillon a reconnu sa défaite et a annoncé qu'il voterait pour Emmanuel Macron au second tour. Benoît Hamon a, lui aussi, appelé ses électeurs à donner leur vote à Emmanuel Macron.
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon, en revanche, n'a pas donné de consigne de vote. Il dit attendre toujours les résultats officiels du ministère de l'Intérieur.
  • Le secrétaire général des Républicains, Bernard Accoyer, a convoqué lundi matin un comité politique puis un bureau politique en fin d'après-midi.
  • Près de 47 millions d'électeurs français étaient appelés aux urnes en métropole à l'occasion du premier tour de la présidentielle dimanche. À la mi-journée, le taux de participation atteignait 28,54 %, et à 17 h, il atteignait 69,42 %, selon le ministère de l'Intérieur.
  • Trois jours après l'attentat des Champs-Élysées, un important dispositif de sécurité a été mis en place dans le pays dimanche autour des bureaux de vote.
  • En France métropolitaine, les bureaux de vote ont fermé à 19 heures, soit une heure plus tard que lors des dernières présidentielles. Ils sont restés ouverts jusqu'à 20 heures dans certaines grandes villes.

April 23, 2017

A new plan was set to regain all districts of the Mosul city from ISIS terrorist group as soon as possible, Iraqi Colonel Mohamed Adnan said on Saturday.

He added that only 800 ISIS terrorists are still in Mosul city and that most of them are suicide bombers.
Meanwhile, Iraqi commander Latif Abdel Hadi said that the terrorist group is forcing the civilians to retreat with them in which 250,000 civilians are detained by ISIS in 10 districts. Some houses in the city are full of detained civilians in which more than six families are forced to stay in the same house, Abdel Hadi added.
On Friday, Iraqi Defense Ministry announced that only 13 districts in the city are still under the control of ISIS terrorist group, adding that 80 percent of the Mosul's Old City is controlled by Iraqi forces.
These efforts come as part of an offensive launched on 19th of February by US-backed Iraqi security supported by Iranian-backed sectarian IMIS Shiite militias to oust ISIS terrorists from Mosul, their last major stronghold in Iraq.
  • April 23, 2017
Leader of the Sunni community in Iran, Molavi Abdel-Hamid on Saturday called upon Iranian authorities to abolish an article that ban Sunnis from running for president in the Shiite-dominated country.
Addressing religious schools graduates in Sarawan city in the southeastern province of Sistan, Abdel Hamid said, "The regime is required not to distinguish between Shiites and Sunnis in rights and duties, we believe that this article must be changed to allow Shiites and Sunnis to run for office without any legal restrictions".

"Abolishing this article is a wise and logical opinion and copes with the size of the Sunni presence in Iran," Abdel-Hamid added, noting that "division is not in Iran's interests".
He stressed that meeting the aspirations and legitimate rights of the Sunni community achieves fraternity and security of the whole society.
Article 35 of the Iranian Constitution stipulates those who run for president "must be followers of the country's Shiites dogma".
Abdel-Hamid called for a necessary revision of some provisions of the constitution, confirming "the constitution is not divine".
Human rights groups have lambasted Iran's crackdown over Sunnis who usually suffer confinement and torture.
Iran was the worst country in complying with the world's measures of human rights.

April 22, 2017

Reuters, Washington:
US President Donald Trump may add a visit to Saudi Arabia to a trip to Europe in May in what will be his first overseas journey since becoming president, a senior administration official said on Wednesday.
Such a trip is “being discussed,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Trump is already planning to attend a NATO summit in Brussels on May 25 and travel to Sicily for a Group of Seven leaders’ summit scheduled for May 26-28.
Defense Secretary James Mattis was in Riyadh on Wednesday meeting with senior Saudi officials. He said he hopes his trip could potentially open the door for Trump to visit Saudi Arabia.
Former President Barack Obama met leaders of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman about a year ago.

Syria and ISIS

Trump has made the Middle East and the fight against ISIS a focus of his young presidency. He ordered the US Navy to fire cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield after a chemical weapons attack in Syria earlier this month.
Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met Trump in Washington in March in a visit that was touted by a senior Saudi advisor as one that hailed a “historical turning point” in US-Saudi relations.
White House spokesman Sean Spicer said it is possible a Trump visit to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis will be added to the schedule of his European trip. “We’ll be reaching out to the Vatican” to see if a visit can be arranged, Spicer told reporters.

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